Friday, May 6, 2011


I'd like to share some of my favorite Black & White pictures. Most of these were taken in color and changed to b&w. One thing to think about if you want to take b&w photos. If your camera has the option to shoot in color or b&w, then shoot in color! The software that came with your camera will do a better job at transferring the photo into b&w than your camera will. PLUS you can have the photo in b&w and color. If you only shoot in b&w you can't convert back to color.

So here are my photographs of the day!

Old fence
Shot in color. Even tho the original is very dull due to the landscape and dreary day that it was taken. 

Shot in color. 

This is the knot in the wood of a picnic table.

Henderson Lake
This was shot in color but I love the contrast of the reflection of the trees.

Puddle Walk
I believe this was shot in color as well. 

Here are some cliffs near Fernie BC. This was shot in color and is just as nice in color as it is in B&W

This was shot in color as well. The original is very bright pink. 

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