Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My dream camera...

I've been wanting a super good camera for awhile. But money just does not allow for it. I really can't complain. My last camera and my current camera are awesome. But they are point and shoot. I want to get a little more detailed in my photography. You know take a picture of that duck across the lake. Or the deer in the field. So this is what I want to save up for...

Its a Canon Rebel T3i 18MP DSLR. 
The one pictured is from Future Shop and comes with 2 lenses, memory card, and camera bag. BUT its also $1259CAD. :( SOOOO much money..... Will take me forever to save up for that.... POOH 

So todays pictures are recent ones. I took these on Easter weekend. My dad, son, and I went to a place called Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park. It is near Milk River, Alberta. It is so beautiful there. Only thing I wish was different was that the grass was green. We will go back in a few months once spring has decided to come...

This is a picture of the Milk River

A hoodoo. Carved by 100's of years of water and wind erosion.

The beautiful landscape.

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